Monday, May 22, 2006

Woo hoo! I've Got Comments!

Yes, I admit that I'm sad and get way too excited about comments. All writers like to be read (and so far my only comments have come from my friend Amy who just had a baby and my friend/co-worker Jen.) So...

Thank You, Anonymous!
(for posting nice things about my page without me forcing you to)

For anyone who's wondering, I had the best day ever today. My boss quit. She's a lovely person, she just drove me crazy. This means I'll be working even crazier hours than I already do, but I'll be much happier about it. I think. Although for all I know, I'll be complaining again in 24 hours.

Tonight we say a sad goodbye forever to Alias and a see-you-next-year to 24. I just don't know which one to watch. Too much stuff to do tonight.

I have homemade chicken taquitos baking in the oven and I think I'm going to try to whip up some homemade guacamole (which means I'll probably cut open an avocado and scoop it out.) I'm sure Rachael Ray will be calling to beg me for my recipes!

Note: Photo is not what my recipe actually looks like. Picture much paler tortillas with holes and chicken falling out. That's much more accurate!


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