Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm Boycotting AAA.

I admit it, I did something ridiculously stupid today. I had my purse in my trunk because I was going to the gym. I decided to mail in my car payment, so I opened the trunk, put my keys down and started looking in my purse for some stamps. You guessed it! I shut the trunk door, only to realize that both sets of my keys were in the trunk with my purse and my credit card and debit card.

I called AAA. Apparently my membership expired on March 31. I had no idea. I've been a member for 2 years. So the lady I was talking to said she could renew my membership, she just needed my credit card number. Of course, my credit card is in my purse in the trunk of my car with my keys. I explain this to her. She talks to her supervisor. No go. I even find a statement with my credit card number, but they can't take it since I don't have the expiration date. The woman gives me the number of a garage and recommends I call back when I have my credit card so I can renew. Fat chance. No more AAA for me.

I understand that you have to follow rules, but this is ridiculous. Obviously, there are special circumstances when your purse and keys are locked in your trunk. (Luckily I had my apartment keys!) There should be no reason why I can't pay the driver when he or she gets there (my mom used to work for AAA in another part of the state and she said they did that all the time) or take a check by phone like every other organization in the world.

So beware, AAA is there to help you - but only if you have a credit card.

Luckily, I discovered I got free roadside assistance when I bought my car in November (and if I keep getting oil changes there). They were so nice (their first question was if I was in a safe location). A tow truck is on its way!

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