Monday, July 31, 2006

Best Matthew McCona-hottie Story Ever!

My Us Weekly had a hilarious article about the swingin' bachelor life of Mr. Matthew McConaughey. Apparently he was vacationing in Costa Rica and making quite the spectacle of himself. This is quite possibly my favorite gossip item ever:

[ McConaughey] was spotted sitting Indian-style atop the bar at La Lora Amarilla, shouting, 'Margarita!' Bartender Dasha Valakhanovitch tells Us, 'It was not a beautiful sight.' ... Local Jessica McCallum adds that McConaughey was so un-starlike that 'by the third night, it was like, "Is he still wearing the same outfit?"' (Yes, he was -- black shorts and a bandanna, to be exact.

Isn't that the best visual? A dirty Matthew McConaughey sitting on a bar yelling 'Margarita!'

Here's more:

[After] nine shots of vodka, McConaughey again put his charisma to use. 'He went up to a woman, got inches from her face and said in a deep, sexy voice, "Hello, I'm Matthew,'" says a witness.
The article also says that he hasn't worn deodorant in 20 years and prefers bathing in rivers.

How funny! Smelly, drunk, womanizing, margarita-shouting Matthew McConaughey. We should get married!

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