Thursday, July 06, 2006

Death By Ponytail...

Well not really. Although I am trying to get my Crystal Gayle groove on, my hair isn't quite long enough for a ponytail. Instead, I had it all pulled up in some clip thing on top of my head. (Attractive, I know.)

When flipping veils over your head in bellydancing, I have found that clip = deathtrap. The veil kept getting stuck in the clip and suctioning to the top of my head so I looked like a ghost. Trust me - the artistic merit of the dance gets lost when you have a veil stuck over your head.

Oh - I may be rethinking my 7/22 bellydancing debut. Apparently, my costume is a little more involved than I originally realized so I may not be able to get all the pieces together in time. (I know, I know, I'm really bummed about not getting half naked in front of a bunch of geezers too!) But, there are more performances this summer, so I'll keep you posted if I move my very first (group) performance.

Why Paris Hilton is Stupid

Paris Hilton wants to bring mini-Hilton's into the world. (All I can think of is that South Park episode where she buys Butters.) And she wants to do so soon because she doesn't want to be an "old mom."

What is this horror that teenybopper celebrities have about being an "old mom?" Is Britney Spears better at parenting than Jodie Foster because she's younger? Tabloid reports say "No!" Celebrities seem to think babies are fashion accessories. (Actually, I have a cousin who thinks that too.) Here's the article, if you're interested.

Why Gisele Bundchen is Stupid

I know, I know. Gisele, who? She's a model - often in Victoria's Secret stuff. She's 25 and bitching about how she looks her age now and men don't like her anymore. Puh-leaze! (again, misspelling for effect) Wait until she gets to be my age - then she can complain about looking old and men not liking her anymore. Actually, wait until she gets a regular person's face and buttocks - then she can complain. Her quote (it's from the above article as well):

"I definitely feel that I had more men hitting on me in the past,” the 25-year-old Brazilian model told the London Sun. “When I was younger, maybe 15 or 16, for sure. Maybe I am not as good looking. I don’t know. Maybe my age has started showing? I take off my sunglasses and I’m 25."

Ugh. In fact, that's worth a Double Ugh (Ugh Ugh.)

Here's a pic. She looks like a grandma, doesn't she? Perfectly dreadful - maybe she should have stayed out of that Brazilian sun!

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