Tuesday, September 12, 2006

If Putting Strawberries on Your Oatmeal is a Crime....

I was chastised in the cafeteria today. Since I've been working non-stop, I have no food or clean clothes so I am forced to forage for all of my meals in the company cafeteria or various fast food joints. This means I am now roughly the size of a small house.

Today I decided to eat a $1 bowl of oatmeal. You can put all kinds of toppings on it - regular raisins, golden raisins, craisins - for free. I opted to head to the fresh fruit bar to grab a few blueberries and 3 strawberry slices. I figured it was a topping, not a salad, so what does it hurt?

Oh no - the check-out lady yelled at me: "You're supposed to weigh that fruit." Now, the blueberries look like raisins, so that wasn't the problem. It was the three strawberries. They charge $1 for plain oatmeal and the woman's complaining to me about three strawberries. It wasn't even a whole berry.

I wanted to take the three berries out and put them on the scale, but figured that would seem antagonistic (not to mention gross.) Considering how much I've worked this month, I should get a whole pint of strawberries for free!

It's like the time I got hot tea and had to pay for a honey packet because I took it to the cashier with the tea instead of putting it in the tea ahead of time. I can put 12 splenda packets in my coffee for free, but if it comes out of a bee's butt, it costs more. (I don't know if honey actually comes out of a bee's butt, but it's an interesting visual. )

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