Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Swear It's Just Low Iron!

I tried to donate blood, figuring I could do at least one good thing while on vacation. I was completely denied because of low iron, which meant I had to do the walk of shame out of the blood donation waiting area.

I passed all these grandparents and although I know I have low iron, they don't. They probably think my boyfriend slept with a man-whore or one of the other lovely reasons you get denied for giving blood. I don't have a boyfriend right now (Incredible Hottie has not yet been granted boyfriend status) and I highly doubt even if I did that he would've slept with a man-whore, but again, Grandma Sue at the Red Cross doesn't know that.

I wish they gave you a sign you could wear around your neck as you leave that says "low iron." Of course, if I was denied for one of the other reasons, I probably wouldn't want a sign.

Best Overheard Conversation Ever

I was sipping a latte at Panera and eavesdropping on these two businessmen, one of whom was wearing a Bluetooth. I swear, if I was ever out with someone and they had one of those things on, I'd either rip it off their ear and stomp on it or just get in my car and go home. That goes for friends, family and people I'm dating.

Anyway, the Bluetooth guy was talking about how he and his wife hang out with a bunch of couples their age (late 30's) from church:

"We feed the homeless and do some good stuff, but
basically it's an excuse to go out and drink."

Nice. Glad to know that's what he's getting out of his church group.

Ugly Betty: All About Me

I'm giving a thumbs-up to Heroes and a big thumbs-up to Ugly Betty. The first episode of Ugly Betty was definitely cringe-worthy, mainly because it reminded me of myself right out of college.

I too was almost denied my first job because I didn't look the part. The hiring manager didn't feel I had a "PR personality," which basically meant I wasn't a stick-figure Barbie with manicured fingernails.

Luckily, the fact that I had a music degree and a PR degree and was applying for a PR job with a symphony, made my physical shortcomings easier to overlook. Let's not even talk about how major the shortcomings were. Yikes!

So I vote yes for Ugly Betty and Heroes, which means my DVR is going to overload. Oh well. That's why I have it!

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