Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm a Dancing Queen

I've been boogying like nobody's business this weekend! Saturday was my cousin's wedding (she's to the right. For some reason, I have no pictures of her with her brand-new husband. I think it was because of the peach schnapps. It addled my brain)

I was dancing with my male cousins' wives to lovely party hits like Tootsie Roll and Baby Got Back. (It was like the DJ borrowed my Butt Mix from earlier this summer.) Sadly, he didn't have any modern hits like Nelly Furtado's Promiscuous or anything by Beyonce. (Although he did have one of the Now CDs. It must have been an earlier edition.)

Nocturnal Country Music

I stayed all night at my grandmother's house, where I fell asleep listening to the neighborhood cows moo, which they continued to do all night and well into the animal things. Give me a good old train engine, gunshots, and sirens any day of the week! Just kidding about the gunshots. I don't hear those since I moved.

My grandmother said the cows always moo when the calves are taken away. That made me a little less enraged and more sad. Poor moo-cows.

A Marathon of Shimmies

Today I had rehearsal for my first bellydancing performance. When I signed up to attend the 1:30 rehearsal, no one mentioned that it would last 5 hours. Five hours! I have to do this every Sunday in October. My first performance will be November 4 & 5 - I'm doing two shows: the U.N. Festival and the Women's Expo. I'm in the first two numbers and the finale (if I can learn it in time).

If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to check out the shows. I'll be wearing some lovely gold harem pants along with my silver bra and belt. Oh - and a pair of uber-attractive tube sleeves. (That doesn't even sound pleasant - tube sleeves!)

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