Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sledding Hills, Rappin' Kevin & Body Snakes

Today's one of those days where I'm so unmotivated, I can do nothing more than point out things other people have come up with. Enjoy!

  • I completely don't want to admit how much time I spent with this little Line Rider game. I'm not so much the sledding hill designing superstar. You give it a whirl and let me know how you do. If you're any good, I'll be impressed!

  • As most of you know, I'm a rabid American Idol fan. I was not, however, a Kevin Covais fan. But, just for the heck of it, check out this video of him singing Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back. (Yes, my favorite song.)

    I bet this Idol stuff has done wonders for his high school popularity. He's probably graduated from choir girls to cheerleaders. (Although, quite frankly, the choir girls are way more fun to hang out with, so he was probably better off before.)

Body Snakes - FINALLY!

I went to my new bellydancing class last night and it is fabulous. We're finally learning stuff and the instructors actually give us individual tips. For instance, when we do this Mick Jagger-esque guitar player move, I tend to have jazz hands (yikes!). My teacher told me to wrap rubber bands around my fingers so they stay together in a flowy, curved shape.

We also finally learned the body snake (something my previous class completely skipped for some reason.) It's this really cute move where you move your hips from side to side in a snake-like position.

The instructor actually complimented mine. Well, she said that she had no idea how I was getting my hips to be so straight and sharp with the moves. Of course, I ask "is that a good thing?" and apparently, it is! So these non-child bearing, child-bearing hips are good for something -- straight, sharp body snakes.

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