Friday, October 06, 2006

"It is a Human Right Not to Have to Sit Down Like a Girl"

Some folks in Norway are trying to legislate bathroom habits - they want to ban little boys from standing up to pee because little boys can't aim worth crap. (I don't know - I had to have my entire bathroom floor replaced at one of my former apartments because the previous owner - a 40-something male who was also a previous boss - couldn't aim worth crap. Maybe this should be a worldwide ban!)

Click here to read the article. It's just really funny - particularly the quote from the politician who said: "It is a human right not to have to sit down like a girl." You don't read many American articles that use the word 'pee.' It's probably part of the translation software, but I enjoyed it anyway.

My Week So Far: Way Better Than Before

I can finally step away from the ledge - it's sad how often we joke about suicide or chucking it all and becoming Starbucks baristas in my place of work. Methinks there's a grain of truth in it - not an actual suicide grain, but a 'wow this is really bad' grain.

This week has been way better than any other so far, thank goodness! Work is calming down. I'm on vacation next week. Ask me what I'm doing. Yep, nothing. I'm going to sit around in my pajamas watching Maury Povich, eating Baked Cheetos and reading books with half-naked people on the cover. It's gonna be great!

Catching Up on New TV - My Favorite Part of Fall

OK - I'm finally catching up on all the new TV shows. Here are my thoughts:

Permanently Added to My DVR:
  • Vanished
  • Justice
  • Jericho

OK If There's Nothing Better to Do:

  • Shark

Blech (Couldn't watch for longer than 5 minutes)

  • Men in Trees
  • Brothers & Sisters
  • Six Degrees
  • Smith

I haven't watched Kidnapped yet and just deleted all of the episodes that I had saved because apparently it's already been canceled. It doesn't bode well for the quality of the show.

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