Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Own Personal Version of Grease

Another 5 hour bellydancing rehearsal. Yikes! They figured out our places this afternoon. No hiding in the back for me - I'm right in the front row center.

During the finale, I'm next to this really scary girl. She's super tall and skinny and probably in her early 40s. Today she wore skintight clothes with a thong hanging out the back. She smokes and has this long mane of wild blonde hair and bright red lips with dark eyeliner. She swears a lot and stands with her legs spread apart.

I'm petrified of her.

There I stand with my no-makeup face, boring brown bob, frumpy sweat pants and cigarette allergies.

She's Rizzo of Pink Lady fame and I'm Sandy with my poodle skirt.

What really sucks is she's a super good dancer and I don't know the finale at all. We've never gone over it in class so I have to learn it by next week or I can't be in the finale. (Not just me, there's about 15 girls who don't know it.)

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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