Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ugh, I Hate Kate!

Is anyone else not enjoying Lost as much this season? Tonight's episode was just so blah. What happened to the J.J. Abrams magic? I hate the Others - that Ben guy is creepy and that ponytailed book club chick is annoying too. I hate that the rest of the gang is somewhere else and we haven't seen them yet. I think Jack is incredibly boring and Kate, what the heck happened to her?

My friends and I were discussing this very thing at brunch last Sunday. Why was Kate sitting in that dress eating breakfast with her captors? Sydney Bristow from Alias would've somehow flipped the table over and tied her captors' wrists together with strips of bacon. Kate just sat there simpering. And why is she always getting captured? Can't she kick some of those guys in the groin? She was in jail for goodness sake. She has to know some other move besides lip-locking every guy she sees.

I hate that she's gotten all boring and girly. Let's drop Sydney Bristow on the island and see who teaches the Others a lesson. In fact, she could've kicked their butts even while pregnant. That's how tough she is!

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Gary said...

Well they tried to have an ass kicker with Anna Lucia, and everyone hated her (well except me)

Its never been in Kate's nature to be overly ass kicking. Like you said she's always getting captured. Thats all she can do.

But yeah didn't like last night all that much. 1 - no Locke, no Hurley, no Ecko. 2 - Sun and Jin aren't my favorites. 3 - I am SICK of the others. Lets get back to the island mystery/Hanzo experiments. Tired of everyone gettign their asses handed to them week in and week out by the others.