Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh No He Didn't...

Ugh - I was just reading about who the Prez (misspelling for effect) appointed to be the new chief of family planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services. It's worthy of another ugh: Eric Keroack, who used to work for one of those religious-based pregnancy counseling centers.

This chief of family planning position helps fund programs for teen pregnancy and reproductive health including programs providing pelvic exams, pregnancy and family planning support and STD testing/counseling for folks with low-incomes.

Mr. Keroack has said that giving women contraceptives is demeaning to women. Here's my beef - until you grow a uterus, please don't tell what to do with mine. How on earth is contraception demeaning to women? I would think the opposite is true.

The counseling center he worked for is one of those no sex before marriage, no birth control and no even telling patients about birth control places. I'm absolutely appalled. A lot of low-income women need help from the government for this kind of stuff, and our government should be giving it.

I don't care what the president personally thinks about birth control and sex before marriage (yeah right, like he waited) - it's not right to push his morals onto the rest of the country. The one thing that infuriates me about this presidency is his abstinence-only, no birth control education, no STD education mission.

It's embarrassing that he's so backwards about this kind of stuff and furthermore, abstinence-only education just doesn't work. People are going to have sex whether you want them to or not. (Maury Povich's show is case in point.) You might as well give them as much education and tools available to help them make the best decisions.

I know I'm on a bit of a bandwagon, but this is really one of my number one gripes about Dubya. Ugh. (That's three of them.)

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