Saturday, November 18, 2006

We're #1!

Way To Go Bucks!

People are in my backyard yelling the OH-IO cheer. It's midnight. We even yelled it in my aerobics class this morning. Instead of saying 10-9-8-7- etc. as we counted down the moves, we yelled O-H-I-O. Well, I didn't yell anything 'cause I was out of breath. (The teacher lady made us do a lot of squats - those suckers are hard!)

Columbus is wacky about the Buckeyes - and their enthusiasm has grown on me since I've been living here. I may not have any pets named after ex-coaches, flags hanging from my car or the lyrics to Carmen, Ohio tattooed on my body (yet!), but I'm really glad OSU beat Michigan today.

I'm not one of those freaky people with a vendetta against the entire state of Michigan. (Although one of my ex-boyfriends is from there and I'm really not a fan of him. I bet he's crying in a beer somewhere right about now. Tee hee!)

Columbus will be on a mega-high for the next couple of months - until the National Championship game. Today's game was sooo exciting. I kept biting my nails, which means they're now desperately in need of a manicure.

Even though I grew up in West Virginia and went to Otterbein (where we were the national theater champions) , I feel kind of like an adopted Buckeye. I used to work there and I took an economics class there. So I have a teeny-tiny bit of linkage to the school - also there's the fact that if you aren't a Buckeye fan in Columbus, you're basically a social leper. We wouldn't want that, would we?

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30-Something Girl said...

This was such a good game. I love holding my breath when the game is on the line. When Michigan scored that last touch down with 3 minutes left ... who knew what was going to happen. Way to go Ohio. I love football.

Now... GO TECH! It's official "Hate Week" in Georgia because a tradition stronger than Thanksgiving is the GA vs GA Tech football game this coming up Saturday.

and I am a Wramblin Wreck from GA Tech! To Hell with Georgia!

Congrats to Ohio!