Monday, November 20, 2006

Some People Like to Eat Roadkill, Some Like to Sleep With It

Growing up in West Virginia, I'm not really a fan of men who want to have sex with animals. And, I'm REALLY not a fan of men who want to sex with dead animals. I have enough problems with people who scrape up roadkill to serve for dinner; don't add "getting it on" to the agenda.

And yes, this is a real person who is charged with having sex with a deer. His lawyer thinks since the deer was already dead, the guy shouldn't get in trouble because it was a carcass, not a deer. ('Cause that's so much better!) In all honesty, this story makes me want to throw up. Click here so you too can vomit.

So Long Shoulder Shakes & Hip Shimmies

Enough with perverts! Tonight was my weekly bellydancing lesson and sadly, my shimmying days may be coming to an end. Apparently the 6 p.m. and my 8 p.m. class are learning the exact same stuff, which means we'll have to combine classes. Last time time this happened, the head honcho woman decided the 8 p.m. class was more marketable for new students, so she canceled that one.

Unless someone builds me a jet-turbo powered backpack, I won't be able to make a 6 p.m. class. And, I can't do the 9 p.m. class that's also in a similar place because it has this know-it-all girl with really big boobs who doesn't wear a bra or shave her armpits. I just can't deal with her. There's only so much one person should be subjected to, and she's a trifecta of torment.

Oh well. One of the girls who sits in the cube next to me at work was telling me how she takes pole dancing lessons. I could do that instead and it could even be job security. If ever my company decides it doesn't need me, Pure Platinum would be an option.

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