Thursday, December 14, 2006

Horrid News Story of the Day

Pit Bull Puppy Gnawed Off Baby's Toes

Yes - that's the crux of the story. I find myself very puzzled about the entire matter. Who only has a mattress in the middle of the floor (not a frame or springs) yet also has a pit bull puppy? And who puts a baby to sleep in a carrier while letting the puppy roam around?

And who doesn't wake up - although the puppy and baby are on the floor next to you - while the puppy is chewing off four toes? I'm sure the baby cried. I'm sure the dog made noise. It wasn't a silent process. They were all in the same room. I wake up if the people in the apartment below me make noise.

I feel terrible for the baby who obviously will never be the same again, but I also feel sorry for the puppy too. I hope they don't put the puppy to sleep - it's not the puppy's fault. He didn't know he was eating baby toes. They probably didn't feed him or give him chew toys or something. Actually something about this whole story screams "Big Cover-up."

Horrid Personal Story of the Day

I have a zit. (I realize this is minute in comparison to the puppy-chewing-toes story, but it's the only horrid personal story I have right now.) I can count the number of zits I've had in the last seven years on one hand. for some reason, I have one now. I am very unhappy about this zit - it looks like a third eye growing out of some random part of my face.

Maybe next my contacts will rip so I have to wear my glasses and my hair will revert back to its long-ago permed state and I'll accidentally only be able to find my marching band outfit in my closet and I'll wake up 30 lbs heavier. Then it'll be a repeat of my entire high school life. And part of college.

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