Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My mission to get a way more fabulous life in '07 is exploding around me. It's January 3 and I'm already getting overbooked! But I have some really fun stuff coming up:

  • I'm continuing my bellydancing lessons

  • I'm thinking about signing up for ice skating lessons again.

  • I signed up for a one-time-only, hands-on Szechwan cooking class - love the spice!

  • I'm going to start volunteering at the Delaware County Animal Shelter

  • One of my friends is having a party in a couple of weeks

  • John Heffron (one of my favorite comics ever) is coming to the Funny Bone in early February

  • American Idol and 24 are both starting up again

I love having lots to do. It gives me less time to fret - as I can be a bit of a worrywart at times.

Great Compliment

OK -I know it's really cheesy to repeat compliments about yourself, however, I figure it's OK if you know it's absolutely, 100% incorrect yet find it strangely flattering at the same time. I work with this guy in Michigan usually by phone or e-mail, but occasionally we cross paths when he travels to Columbus.

I was talking to him on the phone today and he says, "Hey, have you ever seen the movie the Devil Wears Prada? (of course I have) Do you know who you look like from that movie?" I'm expecting someone really scary - like a homeless woman on the street or one of the men. He goes on to say, "The girl who plays Andi." Startled, I exclaim, "Anne Hathaway?" He says,"Yes. The whole time I watched the movie I kept thinking that the main character looked exactly like you."

OK - Anne Hathaway is stunning and I don't look like her AT ALL except maybe we have similar coloring. HOWEVER, the fact that he'd even think of the two of us in the same sentence is enough for me. When I was in high school, the boys' baseball team called me Sasquatch and in junior high a group of boys called me Beast because they all thought I was so unattractive, so it's nice to at least be associated with something a little more pleasing to the eye than some half man/half ape creature.

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