Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Would You Like That Beef Raw?"

Well, my New Year's resolution to improve my social life is in effect. (Not that it was terrible last year, I just focused too much on work.) I went out to dinner last night with a few of my co-workers (well, they work in a different department, but we work together on projects.) We went to Martini's in the Short North for martinis (what else?!?) and dinner. Afterward, we walked around the Short North for the Gallery Hop.

As an appetizer, we got something called Beef Capaccio, which was raw beef tenderloin on crostinis with arugula. This was obviously not my idea - medium is about as rare as I get when it comes to beef. However, I tried it because it's good to try new things. It was surprisingly tasty. We'll just have to see if I survive the day...

Alias Lives on in Spirit

I was a HUGE fan of the television show Alias. Even when it completely sucked during its last two seasons (come on...zombies????), I stuck with it until it was finally put out of its misery last spring.

Based on a randomly remembered conversation with one of my former bosses, I decided to try MI-5, a BBC spy drama. It's fabulous - an hour of suspenseful spy tactics and really believable characters and situations. I was riveted.

If you like 24 and Alias, you'll love this show, so check it out! The good news is, it's still on the air so there are more seasons to watch. The bad news is, it's on air in the UK (as Spooks), which means it takes some time to cross over the ocean.

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