Thursday, February 08, 2007

And Another Reason Not to Pee in a Glass...

I was wandering MSNBC the other day and ran into a story about a man who pretended he was a company so he could set up job interviews with women to have them pee in a glass for fake drug tests. Thankfully there's no mention of what he DID with the urine samples. It's probably better that we don't know.

I realize there are all kinds of strange sexual preferences out there -but come'on...this is a little weird, isn't it? Click here to read the article.

That's about all I got. I'm a little sleepy today - I went to a wine tasting last night with a co-worker at a local winery called Camelot Cellars. It was fun...we got a free bottle of wine and met a few really fun people. We tried a truly disgusting wine called Mango Citrus Chardonnay. It smelled like rotten mangoes and tasted about the same.

But the reds were really freebie was a bottle of Luna Rossa, which apparently is made from Italian grapes planted by the cycles of the moon. No telling which cycle of the moon - crescent, gibbous, new. I hope it's gibbous, because that's just fun to say!

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