Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day - One Day Late!

Last night was hilarious! I went out with Stephanie and her friend Erica for a night of St. Patrick Day festivities. It was one of those nights where 'ask and you shall receive.' Steph's been reading The Secret, so we kept visualizing things in order to make them happen. (Apparently, that's The Secret.) For instance, I visualized green beer and lo and behold, The Rusty Bucket had green beer ... and codwiches, which were a fancified Filet'O'Fish.

Our waiter, aptly named Patrick, had a green lit-up 'BudLight' logo hanging from his neck. I told him I liked it...and he gave it to me and also gave the other girls some green St. Patrick's Day beads. Yet another example of visualization put into action because I had been visualizing a glowing bosom.

Then we went to Claddagh to hear some crappy band play. There was a 100 year old man there dancing a jig - I swear. I was actually impressed. He was pretty sprightly for a senior citizen. My glowing bosom was very popular with both men and women at Claddagh. Go figure. Some random man bought me a 'Red-Headed Slut' shot, which was served in a dixie cup and took me 4 drinks to finish. I hadn't really been visualizing red-headed sluts, so this was not The Secret put into action.

Now this next part is where I was kind of a tool. After a flurry of text messages with Brian, the guy I've recently gone out with a few times, I drag my friends out of Claddagh so we can go off to this other bar where Brian was with his friends. My friend Misha joined us there too. Of course, by the time we got there, Brian's friends were leaving but he decided to hang out with us instead.

After that, we went downtown to some nightclub where we could get in free because Steph knew the manager. It was pretty much what you would expect (ahem...visualize) from a nightclub - pulsating bass music, flashing strobe lights, weirdo people. Not really my scene, but fun nevertheless. And that concludes my St. Patrick's Day adventures. Shamrock Shakes for EVERYONE!

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amymvt said...

when I saw Misha's name I figured he embarrassed you...j/k! Glad you got to hang out with the gals, Misha AND Brian!