Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blocked Chakras & Baby Birthday

So today I went to a psychic fair with my friend Stephanie. Because we're geeky, we're easily entertained by that kind of crap. It was really fun though. I had two tarot readings and one palm reading.

  • The first tarot reader told me the guy I'm currently going out with isn't the right one for me. She said my chakras were blocked and I need to watch The Secret before I have any luck in love. I'm not really sure what chakras are, but it doesn't sound good to have them blocked.

  • The second tarot reader said I'm going through a 'lucky in love' period right now and I have two guys either coming into my life or who are already in my life. One is apparently hot and the other is stable. She seemed kind of shocked that I wasn't dating two people right now. Honestly, I barely have time to kind of date one, let alone juggle two!

  • The palmist said I wasn't in the career I'm fated to have (maybe I should finish that book I've been trying to write for 5 years!) She also said I had some underdeveloped mound thing, which means I need to work on building my feminine intuition. She also said she saw "the one" arriving soon. (What happened to the two?!)

Concerned about my blocked chakras, I went to another booth where I had my aura and chakras photographed. They didn't look all that great. I let the booth lady spray some chakra focusing spray on me and photograph me again. To be honest, it was probably tap water in a bottle but my chakras looked much better after the spray so I bought it. And to be even geekier, I went to the bookstore and bought some book about how to clear your chakras and The Secret. I really am a serious nerd.

Evie Turned One!

I can't believe she's so old. It seems like just yesterday she didn't do anything but cry, eat, sleep and poop. Now she walks, talks and eats regular people food.

She actually turned one a couple of weeks ago, but the birthday party was today. It was fun - lots of people, dogs and kids running around. And of course, Evie continued the first birthday party tradition of getting cake in her hair and all over her face. I'm sure Amy and Max will post some pictures in later (if they haven't already.) Click here if you want to see them.

I got Miss Evie a Glo-Worm (remember those?) and some pajamas. She seemed to like the Glo-Worm OK. I always feel nervous about buying kids presents - I'm never sure what to get them. (They probably don't need any chakra focusing spray).

Not that this is as exciting as a person turning one, but I started this blog the night Amy went into labor, so it's a year old too! I'm amazed I haven't quit writing yet...

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