Saturday, April 21, 2007

I'm Back...Did You Miss Me?

Thank goodness I'm back home. Last week was insanely crappy. For the most part I don't mind traveling but this trip was crazy.

Here's the rundown of my week:

  • Airport Valet Saw My Boobs - Yes, I accidentally flashed the valet who was taking my car back to the parking lot. She was an elderly grandmother type - I was a lesbo hussy (at least in her mind). I give her a tip and started wheeling my suitcase into the airport. Suddenly I felt an unnatural breeze. Yep, you guessed it. My shirt had come unbuttoned - the top four buttons - which left my entire chest exposed. Don't ask me how I did it - I don't really know.

  • No Undies - This falls in the category of things I probably shouldn't admit, but I forgot to pack underwear. Again, don't ask me how I managed this. It was quite a delightful thing to have to take care of on the road.

  • Crappy Sections of New York - No, I didn't get to stay in the fun downtown sections (except one night, which I will get to in a few bullets) - I stayed in Queens and Long Island and some random place upstate. Two of the hotels I stayed in were nice - one was disgusting. I'm not convinced they changed my sheets and there were blood stains on my sheets. (ICK!) The stains were down by the feet area, which was kind of weird. Maybe it was a shaving cut. I was completely grossed out, but so tired I just said screw it and went to sleep.

  • Alone in Times Square - My last night there we stayed in a hotel right on Times Square. My room was gorgeous - I had a fabulous view of Times Square. Unfortunately, I was there alone. I wandered around a bit, but it was crowded and I'm from Ohio so I didn't feel safe. I felt like a complete loser going in to a restaurant to eat alone - especially with my dorky work clothes. I ended up going back to my room and ordering room service - a $32 cheeseburger and fries. I think if I were in a movie, it would end with me saying "Goodbye Cruel World."

You know, I just realized I complain way too much. If I were really unhappy, I would change things. I just like to vent - and since this is my own personal venting tool, I'm going to continue doing so!

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