Sunday, April 22, 2007

Finally: The Sun!

It's a sunny, beautiful day in central Ohio! I took advantage of the gorgeous weather to go on a 3-mile walk in Sharon Woods. It was fun to see everyone out and about and the fresh air was really rejuvenating. Of course, I forgot that gorgeous spring weather brings pollen so now I've got a lovely red, bumpy rash all over my person. It's quite fetching! But to be honest, I'd rather be outside and get a rash then not be out at all. And really, who am I out to impress? Myself in my apartment?

'Half of John Candy' is Creeping Up on Me!

I found my next must-have purchase. The Celebrity Weighing Scales is a dream come true. Instead of numbers, it shows celebrities like: Gary Coleman, Mr. Ed & Half of John Candy. Really, instead of setting normal weight goals I should say I hope to weigh as much as the Karate Kid by July. Definitely makes weight loss more fun!

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