Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today is National 'Leave a Comment' Day

Yep, I've officially reached a new low. I'm making up holidays to get comments. Does that make me a pimp or a whore or a john?

Humor me...like I said, I'm in a rut! I need some sort of entertainment today...although my mom and I are going to see Taylor Hicks in concert tonight, so that'll be something at least. I had weird dreams last night about trying to sneak backstage -- I hope that doesn't come true. It was embarrassing enough in my dream. I'm petrified my mom's going to throw her bra on stage...she likes Taylor a lot.


shroud said...

Sweet! I'm in.

Hey, if they can try to pass crap like Secretary's Day and Boss's Day and Sweetest Day, this isn't any less of a stretch. You should sell this to Hallmark & make millions. Er, or maybe pennies!

Anonymous said...

Happy Leave a comment day!

A couple of "Comment sites"
(no endorsement...just fyi)