Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Pet Peeve

My new biggest pet peeve is when skeletal women start pinching non-existent fat and complaining about how huge they are. Some stupid girl at the gym did that yesterday before our Bodypump class and I wanted to throttle her.

I thought about going over and shaking my boobs in her face, because that was how Brooke (AKA Pumpkin) dealt with an annoying girl on Flavor of Love Charm School. However, that didn't seem like such an appropriate response on the show at the time, and it sure as hell didn't seem like an appropriate response in the middle of Lifestyle Fitness.

In the middle of class, we were doing lunges that basically made me want to cry. Our instructor told us to be sure to keep our knee at least at a 90 degree angle (no problem - since I couldn't manager smaller than an obtuse angle.) She also said not to drop our other leg (the extended one) to the floor because it would cause an injury. I'm sorry, but what kind of freakish person can drop their leg to the floor when doing a lunge? Is that even humanly possible? (Obviously it is, and I'm a little embarrassed that I can't do it!)

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