Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Booty is Tired of Shaking

I feel like all I do is rehearse belly dancing routines. I work, sleep and shimmy. That's about it. Luckily, after this Saturday's performance, I won't have any more for awhile. I can actually relax after work and on the weekends. Woo hoo for me!

Speaking of Bellies...

There has been a controversy in upscale Birmingham, Michigan about whether it's appropriate for a Middle Eastern restaurant to have a belly dancer come in one night a week and dance among the tables for 5 minutes an hour. Click here for the article.

My favorite line:

Although belly dancing has a hoochie-mama reputation among some non-aficionados

The first funny part of that is the use of 'hoochie-mama' in a newspaper article. I wonder what AP-style says about that? (For those of you who didn't study journalism or PR in college like me, Associated Press (AP) style is basically the law for journalists. It tells you how to use words and when it's OK to use them.)

The second funny part of that is that my hobby has a 'hoochie-mama' reputation. I had no clue! I'm actually more fully dressed in my costume than I am in a bathing suit.

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