Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Feel the Burn!

Today I switched from the walking group in boot camp to the running group -- OMG, running is so much harder!

We did a politically incorrect exercise called an Indian run. Basically, we ran down the road in a straight line. The person in the back had to sprint to the front of the line and so on.

What I can't figure out is why they call it an Indian run. Did Native Americans (see, I can be PC!) run in straight lines and switch places a lot? It doesn't seem like the most efficient way to travel.

I would say we ran 1/2 mile total. About halfway through I thought I was going to collapse in a heap and die. But, it would be insanely embarrassing to be the only one who died so I kept plugging along.


ToppsNYK said...

What makes that run MORE FUN. take a backpack - fill it with 20 lbs. and while running..pass it over your head to the person behind you. Sprinting with it is no fun either.

shroud said...

See, you just ASSUME they're being non-PC... they COULD actually be talking about people from India, you know... right?

Maybe it's some kind of Hindu thing... or something.