Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And The Envelope Please!

I headed back to boot camp this morning for my post-camp assessment (AKA having my girth measured!) Here are the results:
  • Gone - 5 pounds; 1 inch of hips; 2 inches from the rest of my body (tiny increments here & there)

  • Reduced - amount of flab for calipers to pinch (particularly in my triceps); body fat percentage lowered by 2%

  • Bigger - My shoulders, if you can believe that, - 1/4 inch bigger! But I guess it makes my hips look smaller.

The director guy was telling me about some woman who lost 11 lbs in the 4-week program. I really wish that were me, but I'll take the 5 lbs! This means I have 13 lbs to go for my official goal and 15 lbs for my unofficial goal.

My Worst Nightmare

We're having a costume party at work on Halloween. Don't ask me why - we've never been allowed to do it before. I absolutely hate work costume parties because my worst fear is showing up to work dressed up when no one else is (a la Ugly Betty.)

My dilemma is all my costumes are too slutty for the office. I can't go to work dressed as a rock & roll chick or as a bellydancer.

I'm thinking of going as Bald Britney. I'll need a bald cap, a cigarette behind my ear, a frappucino bottle, a big wad of gum and flip flops. I would also like to bring two dolls with me to represent her kids. I'm thinking I can just wear jeans and a T-shirt, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

If anyone has any Britney costume suggestions, bring them on!

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