Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm Creeping Myself Out

I've lately turned into Laura Warrior Princess and it's starting to freak me out.

I've always been very comfortable with my hatred of exercise. There were about 100 million things I'd rather do than sweat. Running? No way! Aerobics? Maybe if I was handcuffed to an instructor. Dance? I'm rolling on the ground laughing.

This morning I ran 1.25 miles before going to work. Tonight I did Jazzercise for an hour. I don't know where this fitness freak has come from, but I love her! All I can say is I may still not be graceful or super slender or speedy, but my body does stuff now and that's pretty cool.

I'm glad I took that boot camp - it really built my confidence in my ability to shake my booty around.

Why My Neighbors Suck

They carved the 'F'-word into a pumpkin. The 'F' word! And then they carved the letter 'U' underneath. If you're going to curse via pumpkin, at least spell out the entire phrase.

I'm not one for the pumpkin smashing, but I think I might have to accidentally fall on that pumpkin and squish it with my muscular buttocks. (OK - I'm only imagining the muscular buttocks part, but jiggly doesn't sound good after I bragged about my exercise habit.)


Dear Lovey Heart said...

you are inspiring! my roommate and i went running three times this week! keep up the good work!

Eljabo said...

Good for you! I hope to get up to three times a week - I'm way too wussy for now!