Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Reason #8,599,090 Not to Have My Belly Button Pierced

I'm not really a big fan of pierced belly buttons -- or any piercings whatsoever! My main objection has always been that looking at other people's pierced body parts makes my own body parts hurt. (For instance, if someone has pierced nipples, I have to cover up my own chest in fear of an accidental piercing taking place.)

It turns out I can add death to the things I fear about piercings. A girl in the UK with a pierced belly button got in a car accident. The impact pushed the bar through her belly button and abdomen - it ended up right next to her spine.

Yuck! It makes me hurt just thinking about it. Click here for the full article (and pictures). I figured if I had to be grossed out, so did you.


shroud said...

Don't you have your ears pierced?

That's gotta be prone to all sorts of nasty accidents...

Eljabo said...

I conveniently forgot about that!