Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Jazzercise Instructor is HOT!

I went to class last night and the instructor was a dude. He's a youngish Hispanic guy with long hair - very muscular. He shouted out the instructions in a hot Hispanic accent, and somehow, "Get those arms pumping" sounds much better that way!

You could tell he's hot, because the average age of our class dropped from 45 to 37. Although a scary woman in her late 40s or 50s plopped her emaciated butt right in front of him. She looked like she's spent lots of time in the tanning bed and was wearing a sports bra as a top. Gotta love that! Sadly, I can't do that as I've started wearing two sports bras at the same time and that's not a very fetching look. But one just isn't enough!

(I should be like Christina Ritchie in the 8th grade when she threw a fit in gym and insisted on doing her jumping jacks facing away from everyone because she thought people were looking at her chest. Although to be fair, they probably were. She had a rather large rack.)

Anyway, he's a tough instructor - very energetic, picks good music (which is key in jazzercise). I was sweating like a pig (do pigs even sweat?) and was petrified that he was going to come within 5 inches of me. Of course he did, he came right in front of me during a kickboxing move and wanted me to hit his hands with my elbows. So I gritted my teeth and hit his hands with my sweaty elbows - ick! Actually my elbows were probably the only non-sweaty part of my body.

He also kept yelling at us to "shake our moneymakers" in his Hispanic accent. It was great - I'm going to be a regular. And maybe, if I keep doing it, I can wear nothing but a bra as a top.

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