Thursday, January 03, 2008

Granny Panty Power!

I know women are supposed to be pro-thong, as apparently having Visible Panty Lines is a fate worse than death. Personally, I'm pro-panty lines. You're supposed to wear underwear - is it really so bad if other people know you do? Heck, we have to look at guys' nasty boxers hanging out of their pants all day. Talk to them about VPL! Personally, I'd prefer to NOT spend the day with a permanent wedgie.

A British man recently caught his kitchen on fire when frying bread. What do you think saved the day? Not a teeny-tiny scrap of a thong. Nope - when fighting fire, you want to have full-sized knickers on hand, the kind preferred by grandmothers worldwide. Yes, the man beat out the flames with his aunt's underwear. I hope that if I'm ever in a bind like that, I can find a giant pair of drawers to save the day.

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