Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Boy Done Good!

My Presidential pick, Barack Obama, managed to win the Iowa caucuses much to my delight. A lot of folks had pegged Ms. Clinton to easily sail through with a victory. Thank goodness they were wrong. I actually like Hillary a lot, but I think she's too polarizing. You either love her or hate her - there's no middle ground.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Obama continues to build momentum through New Hampshire and South Carolina. If he does, I think he might be the one! (As a single woman, I've waited a long time to utter those words!)

On The Other Hand...

Sadly, Mike Huckabee also did well. At first, I though he was an OK Republican. How can you go wrong with a name like Huckabee? It reminds me of Huckleberry Pie from the Strawberry Shortcake characters. That was before I started paying attention to where he stands on the issues. I swear, he's Dubya lite.

The man made stupid comments about Pakistan. On top of that, he has a ridiculous idea about having a national sales tax. I don't think people pay attention to that kind of stuff. Huckabee reads the Bible so they think he'd be a great president. Paris Hilton reads the Bible too. Do we want to make her Vice? I don't want to give the idea that I'm anti-religion, because I'm not. I just think the president of our country needs to stand for all beliefs, not just what's supported by evangelical Christians.

The thing is, if we eliminated income taxes and went to a national sales tax system, who would be hit the hardest? That's right, the poor. I'm already paying 7% sales tax to support my city government - how much would I have to pay on top of that to support the national government? Probably a heck of a lot more than I pay in income tax. And I certainly wouldn't get that handy dandy tax refund check that makes my life easier each spring!

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