Sunday, January 06, 2008

Weekend Sickness Sucks

If I'm going to be sick, I feel like it should be during the week when I can benefit from it - like by missing work. (Yeah right, I haven't taken a sick day in three years - I doubt I'm going to start now.) I went to BodyPump on Saturday morning (holy mother of God, I'm in serious pain. I'm hobbling around like I'm 100.) After I did that, I felt like crap for the entire day- tired, achy, blah. Today, I woke up with a horrid day-long headache - the kind where the thought of eating makes me physically ill.

Strawberry Balsamic Martinis - Yes Please!

Luckily, Friday night was pretty fun - one of my friends was celebrating her birthday so a bunch of us went to Marcella's (a new Italian restaurant that just opened nearby) and then to Average Joe's (a local bar). Our bill at Marcella's was $400 - and $117 of that was strawberry balsamic martinis! (They were really good!) There were a ton of us and we shared everything but the drinks, so the per person bill wasn't that bad.

Average Joe's was interesting - it always seemed like a meat market, but I never go at prime pick-up hours so I hadn't experienced it myself. I watched this one guy (let's call him the Man-Whore) buy drinks for two blonde women, drinks for a whole table of women and then chat up a couple more women at the end of the bar. After he struck out with all of them, it was my turn.

One of his friends started talking to me - apparently he was in town from Iowa for a tractor pull. Who knew that people come to Columbus just for tractor pulls? This gave the Man-Whore an opening so he pulled out all the stops. "You're so hot - you have a beautiful smile and you know it, don't you?" I flat out called him a Man-Whore to his face, which he didn't appreciate.

"I just want to have a good time - don't you want to have a good time?" I never know how to answer that question - to me, a good time is laughing with my friends and dancing around like an idiot. For some reason, when a guy tells me he likes to have a "good time," I think it involves nudity. He kept trying to persuade me to 'go out' with him. Finally, my dear friend Vicki put her body between ours and said, "Look she's not interested, get away." There was almost a tussle with him and some of the guys in our group - but he finally left. Then he came back, creeped up behind me and tried to cop a feel. Ick! It was so disgusting.

A little bit later, one of the Iowa guys offered to show me his Iowa caucus. I think he meant it as a joke, but I've had my fill of the dudes at Average Joe's!

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