Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Writer's Strike = A Plethora of Reality TV

Although I'm not 100% thrilled with the mind-rotting crap out there, I was surprised by how much I liked The Biggest Loser. I've always steered away from it. I think since I've lost and kept off (mostly) 60 pounds on my own, I don't want to be reminded of the me I used to be. Plus it's depressing that I still need to lose the last 15 lbs that's been lingering on for about two years.

Hoping The Biggest Loser would spur me into action, I sat down with my KFC dinner (yes, I realize there's something wrong with this picture) to watch away. I swear I couldn't stop crying. These people are so inspirational. How can I bitch about going to the gym to run a mile on the treadmill, when some of these 436-pound people can get their butts moving for multiple hours a day? Sadly most of these people lost in one week the 15 lbs I've been trying to lose for two years.

I felt saddest about the eliminated pair - the father-daughter team. That girl tried so hard and when her dad said, "Well, you lost the least amount of weight," I wanted to punch him. Yes, people on that show lose a lot of weight in one week, but it really depends on your body. Often when you start an intense exercise program, your body freaks out and holds on to some of the pounds until it's sure you're not starving. Heck, when I did boot camp in the fall, I gained weight the first two weeks.

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