Tuesday, February 26, 2008

They're Taunting Me

Everywhere I go, new 100-calorie snack packs are taunting me, shaking their low-cal, pre-packaged goodness in my face.

Today, I was accosted by 100-calorie Nutty Bars, Triple Fudge Brownies and Chocolate Snowballs. I had the Nutty Bars in my cart in a split second - they're my absolute favorite snack bar of all time. I put them back on the shelf immediately.

I've decided I can't EVER have 100-calorie packs. If I could just eat one, it would be fine. The 2-3 packs I eat at a time, on the other hand, are NOT fine.

My friend and I had a conversation about this yesterday and she said "Well, just tell yourself you can only have one."

I wish it were that simple for me. If I had that kind of self control around food, I would be uber-skinny.

I'm, as my Weight Watchers leader says, a bottom-of-the-box eater. Cookies, candy, chips, snack packs, ice cream sandwiches - I will eat them until they're gone. I can manage normal serving sizes for baked tortilla chips, most light ice cream, popcorn and sugar free pudding. So that's what I've gotta stick with.

Although I really want a 100-calorie Chocolate Snowball!

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Dear Lovey Heart said...

that is my problem too, i have the worst self control ever bah!