Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's Saturday Morning...Where Are the Cartoons?

When I was a kid, Saturday morning cartoons were an event. Actually, since we had about 4 channels on TV, ANYTHING just for kids was exciting. We didn't even get cable until I was 6 or 7.

Every Saturday, my brother and I would plop our butts in front of the TV for three hours of cartoon bliss. This sometimes also involved beating each other up or removing all the couch cushions to make a boat in the middle of the floor. I would play with my Barbies; Ben would play with his He-Men. I would make my Barbies date his He-Men; he was not as fond of that.

Nowadays, cartoons are on 24/7 and kids are too busy with video games to make boats out of couch cushions. I suspect that beating each other up is still a popular activity, however.

In honor of Saturday morning cartoons, here's the opener to one of my favorites. (Shannon, I hope you're checking this out!) I actually dressed up like this person for the Pi Sig Halloween Party my senior year of college. Let me tell you, it was smokin' hot!

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