Sunday, March 09, 2008

Trapped in Columbus: Not So Fun!

I was looking forward to a little snow on Saturday. One of my friends was going to come up and go sled riding with me. There may even have been some snowman building. Last night, I was supposed to go listen to a local band play, where I could dance around like an idiot.

Instead, 20 horrible inches of snow were dumped on Columbus and I spent Saturday trapped in my apartment. There is nothing I hate more than being told I can't do something. I just don't believe in impossible - I think there's always a way to make something work. In this instance, I disliked being told I couldn't drive.

You Can't Escape a Level 3 Snow Emergency

I made one attempt to escape and safely made it to my mailbox and back. Sadly, we did not get any mail on Saturday so I had no happy red Netflix envelopes waiting for me. Attempt #2 was the bad one. I was convinced I could make it to the main road, which was plowed. If I had managed that, I could have been trapped with people who live in more interesting places than my apartment complex.

Instead, I got stuck in a giant snowdrift. I spent 30 minutes lying next to my car, trying to dig it out. Luckily, five very nice men with a great abundance of facial hair and piercings stopped and helped me.

On the way back from being stuck, I got stuck again - twice. This time four more helpful men helped me out. At this point, I decided it was a sign from God that I shouldn't be driving, so I parked my car in what I hope was a parking spot and walked home. The whole ordeal took 90 minutes!

So last night, instead of dancing around like an idiot, I drank wine and watched The Goonies. I'm so depressed that this is my weekend.

I'm not attempting to leave today unless I see that the entrance to my complex is clear. I'm supposed to have bellydancing rehearsal today - here's hoping it's canceled!

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amymvt said...

Laura Jane--never drive in a level 3 snow emergency silly! You're lucky strapping lads helped you--any cute ones?

Wish you had been snowed in with us, we had fun "I'm shoveling with daddy!"