Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lonely Obama Supporter Seeks New State to Call Home

Ugh - I was soooo excited about yesterday's primary. I thought Barack Obama would stomp all over the Clinton campaign and come pretty dang close to securing the Democratic nomination. I would finally have a candidate I supported 100% and if he went on to be President, I would finally have a President I could be proud of.

Personally, I'm embarrassed by George W. Bush and by the disgusting policies that have been set in this country over the past 8 years. Call me un-American; I don't care. I'm exercising my First Amendment rights. Our country was built by people who criticized the government.

And So Goes Ohio. . .

I'm very disappointed in Ohio. Although, frankly, I'm always disappointed in Ohio when it comes to politics. Franklin County is OK; it's the rest of the state I fret about. There have been some truly embarrassing interviews with Ohioans who made disgusting racist comments about Obama and equally disgusting sexist comments about Clinton.

In fact my friend Tina was telling about some guy in Chillicothe who said on national television that he wasn't voting for Obama because Obama was Muslim. Are people still seriously believing that? How many times does he have to say he's not Muslim before it sinks in? (Although, I personally think it's revolting to say you wouldn't vote for someone because they're Muslim. It's the second largest religion in the world.)

Click here for the a Wall Street Journal article about voting in Ohio - written way before the primary. It is one of the scariest and most mortifying things I've ever read.

Here's the worst quote in the entire article:

"I'm hoping Hillary gets the nomination. But if she doesn't, I'm not voting for that guy. I'm going Republican," he booms as he picks up his morning coffee at McDonald's. "There are going to be a lot of people crossing over to the Republicans because he's black."

Who says that - or even thinks it? I do realize that I was singing the praises of the First Amendment a few paragraphs earlier, but this is my blog and I'll contradict myself if I want to. I just think it's disgusting as a human being to say those things.

Maybe I need to move somewhere more progressive although I'm not entirely sure where that would be. I guess there are idiots everywhere...

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