Monday, March 24, 2008

We Ain't Got No Rhythm!

This is a fantabulous opportunities for self-improvement.  I want to:
  • lose the 5.2 lbs I need to get to goal
  • get back on the exercise bandwagon
  • spring clean my apartment
  • cut my hair shorter
  • go to Japan
  • sign up for some sort of lesson

Tonight, I kicked off my 'Better Myself Boot Camp' with the BodyJam class at my gym. I was completely lured in by the description:

Some of the world's top dance choreographers update BODYJAM® every three months to guarantee a funky blend of cardiovascular fitness and urban culture. A great way to get the maximum fun out of your workout, as you move into shape to the sounds of modern dance music.

I was ready to shake my groove thang. Sadly, I forgot where I live: Lewis Center, Ohio. We aren't particularly well known for our rhythm or our groove thangs. We're super nice, yes. Fond of SUVs, yes. Overly blonde, yes. Dancing - it's just not our thing.

This was a dance party with Urkel, Screech and Violet Bickerstaff as the star guests. Trust me, I'm including myself in the mix. I've never seen such a lack of coordination in my entire life. We were dreadful. When I saw some guy who looked like my dad trying to do some squat-spin-jump-thing while moving his arms up his body in a Britney Spears dance troupe kind of way, I wanted to snort. I finally gave up and just hopped around, shaking my arms like some clueless bunny hopper on Nerd Island's Spring Break.

It was fun and I burned 584 calories - but yowza, I hope no one was paying attention to my appalling moves.

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