Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm a Sad, Sad Girl

Well, I've finally caught up on sleep and readjusted to the wonderful world of Eastern Time. I slept for about 12 hours Saturday night - yikes! The good news is I'm feeling much less zombiesh. The first two days back to work last week were killer.

It was a pretty fun weekend. On Saturday, I went with Amy and one of her friends to the Jeffersonville Outlets. I wasn't expecting to find anything, which is when you find insane deals you must buy immediately.

Poor Amy was thisclose to wearing one of those barrels with the straps. She's become the diet/exercise queen, dropping muchos poundagesos lickety split. Her pants were literally falling off her bottom, so she needed the shopping trip most of all!

After eating dinner with Amy and Evie, I headed home. where I learned that me+blanket+reclined position = immediate sleep. (That's probably something Jen and Brian could've already told you - I can't tell you how many nights they'd say "Are you asleep Laurie?" And I'd say "No, I'm just resting my eyes." But really, I was asleep...)

Sweet eBay Success

As much fun as this weekend was, I'm extra excited because I won a bid on eBay. I actually think it was my first 'for real' bid. I've always just done the 'buy it now' option. Last night, I learned that I'm the proud owner of 44 Sweet Valley High books.

I kept bidding on multiple collections of SVH books and kept getting outbid by skanky booksellers with deep pockets. (I'm sorry - I'm just not going to pay $50 for a bunch of secondhand books.) The dude (yes, I bought my 44 SVH books from a dude) said he'd ship them out today, so it'll be like Christmas really soon. Here's hoping he's not a smoker!

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hillsideslide said...

I cannot imagine getting 44 books in the mail.