Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And to My Left -- Gumby!

Tonight was step aerobics night. Once again, I was sweatier than any other human being on earth. I finally remembered to bring a bottle of water with me. Unfortunately, it was the bottle I'd left in my car all day so the water was hot. Very refreshing!

At the end of class, we have to stretch. I'm not the slightest bit flexible, so this is the worst part of class for me. I hate the move where you put your legs in a V in front of you. You're supposed to touch your head to the floor or touch your ankles with your hands or something dreadful like that. Basically, I sit up straight and kind of reach my hands out in front of me - that's it. That's physically all I can do and it looks like I'm doing nothing.

The instructor kept yelling, "Don't slack off - really try." I wanted to yell back, "I swear I'm moving. I really I look like a giant tortoise here" Luckily, my friend Kelly was to my right and she's about as flexible as I am so I didn't look like an arse alone.

To my left was a high school girl who must just have jello inside instead of bones. She was like a soft shell crab or something. I looked over and her legs are practically in a straddle, her entire face was on the floor and she wasn't even trying.

After class was over, she even complained to the instructor about how she couldn't get a good stretch. I wanted to slap her in the face and say "Just wait a few years, Missy. Then you'll find it a strain to touch your toes." But, that's a lie - I've never been able to touch my toes.

Kelly and I start yoga on Monday - yikes! We'll be the worst ones in class.

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