Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Glad I Don't Work in Politics...

I would give myself apoplexy. Do people still get that or is it something only mentioned in historical romance novels? I think it's similar to a stroke and usually involves a red face and bulging eyes - at least when Jane Feather writes about it.

I'm peeved at Hillary Clinton. I think she and Bill are desperate, ridiculous fools.

Hillary thought this was going to be a coronation, not a nomination. She thought she'd have the whole thing wrapped up by February 5, underestimated Barack Obama and squandered her money in the first few primaries. She ran a bad campaign.

Barack, on the other hand, was brilliant. He chipped away at her lead in every state (except a couple of racist, hillbilly states - I grew up in West Virginia, so I can say that.) He planned for a long campaign and spent his money wisely.

The Candidates Agreed - Florida & Michigan WOULDN'T Count

I'm peeved about the whole Florida and Michigan hoopla. They broke the rules. They were told if they broke the rules they wouldn't have their delegates seated. Knowing that, they still held their primaries early. The candidates agreed hat tthe results in these states wouldn't count and they wouldn't campaign there. Barack even took his name off the ballot in Michigan.

The Candidates Agreed - The Popular Vote WOULDN'T Count

Now Hillary's raising a ruckus about winning the popular vote. The thing is, it doesn't matter if she wins the popular vote. According to the Democratic Party rules, the nomination is based on delegates - not the popular vote. The candidates agreed to this. To top it all off, the only way Hillary Clinton wins the popular vote is if the 40% of Michigan peeps who voted 'uncommitted.' don't count. (That's right - 40% of the Michigan voters would rather vote for no one than Hillary Clinton) Plus, she's not counting votes from caucus states like Iowa, Maine and Alaska. Talk about disenfranchising voters!

We're almost finished with the primaries and Hillary doesn't want to play by the rules anymore because she can't win with them. I find that offensive in a human being - and unbelievably offensive in a presidential candidate.

In the meantime, John McCain's Montgomery Burns' like face is already popping up on my TV in national ads - and our party is wasting its momentum on primaries that don't matter. Barack Obama already has the nomination - he's 45 delegates from winning, Hillary is about 245 from winning. All Hillary is doing is needlessly discrediting Barack - and destroying the Democratic Party.

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