Friday, May 09, 2008

So You Want to Smell Like Christina Aguilera...

I was browsing a celebrity gossip newsletter, as I do daily, when I spied a "news" item that Christina Aguilera was launching her third fragrance.

Her third fragrance? Who knew she had even one?

I'm sorry, but of all the celebrities I'd want to smell like, she isn't on the list. In fact, I think X-Tina would smell like a combination of stale beer, cigarettes, greasy hair and plastic. If I passed her in the street, I'd want to scrub her down with a long-handled soapy brush (or shove her into the nearest car wash.)

Perplexed by my lack of celebrity fragrance knowledge, I scoped out the details:

Simply Christina -- an oriental floral with top notes of blackcurrant, a heart of peony and prune (prune?) and a base of vanilla

Xpose -- this one is a bit of a mystery...I imagine it's the stale beer smelling fragrance

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