Monday, June 09, 2008

I May Have Gone Too Far

I just joined an online "Bellydancers for Obama" group. What the heck are we hoping to accomplish? Are we going to line up outside McCain rallies and do mass-shimmies? Maybe instead of flipping McCain the bird, we can throw a couple of stomach rolls his way. That'll teach him!

I spent a very fun-but-sweltering Sunday registering voters at the Columbus Arts Festival. I swear Barack's supporters are some of the nicest people I've ever met -- just so incredibly warm and friendly. We were sweating like pigs in the 93-degree heat, but no one cared. We just tried to keep our sweaty brows from dripping on the merchandise.

I got to be Secret Service - which meant I had to protect our big Obama cardboard cutout from breaking in half. He kept folding at the waist.

Tons of people stopped by - many to have their photo taken with cut-out and some just to thank us for volunteering. We even had a few former Hillary supporters picking up their first Barack Obama pins. They were perfectly fine - none of the raging bitterness I've noticed on the political geek blogs I read. We even had some Republicans for Obama!

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