Sunday, June 08, 2008

We DON'T Wear Short Shorts

I've been mesmerized by the new Nair Shower Power commercials -- it works in the shower, lasts longer than shaving and bring silky-smoothness to my legs with its exfoliating micro-beads.

Yesterday, I was ready to buy refills for my beloved Venus Vibrance when my hand reached out instead to grab Nair Shower Power. Its quirky packaging and brightly colored sponge attracted me. I knew this product would change my life.

Yeah right. First problem - you have to use 1/4 of the container to cover your entire legs so it's not cost effective. Next, you stand outside of the shower for about 1 minute to let it soak in, which wasn't a big deal.

Then you have to stand inside the shower and do your shower business for at least two minutes and no more than 10. I don't know about you, but my shower business includes washing my hair, washing my person and shaving my legs. Obviously shaving my legs is out and washing my person has to wait until after I remove the Nair because it can't be mixed with bath products. Washing my hair sure doesn't take two minutes.

The instructions also say that although the Nair shouldn't wash off your legs if water touches it, you should still avoid having water hit your Nair-covered parts. How can you avoid having water hit your legs? I had to stand in the far end of the shower and bend forward to wash my hair. Not pleasant.

After the two-minutes was up, I started sponging off the Nair. (This is a very sexy entry, isn't it?) My legs were silky, but I think that was more from the exfoliating micro beads than anything else. It wasn't a great hair removal job. To top it off, it made my legs itch and I broke out in a rash. (Yes, I admit I should have done the patch test.)

Luckily, I found another Venus Vibrance refill in my suitcase, left over from my Japan trip. Now, that's something that will get me wearing short shorts!

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