Monday, June 30, 2008

If I End Up On YouTube...

Yesterday's ComFest performance was a big, fat mess. When we pulled up in the RV O'Bellydancers, it immediately started pouring. Finally, it let up enough that we could walk to our tent - sadly, the park was a giant mud ball. We got there 15 minutes before our performance and find out they're 25 minutes behind. The woman on stage decided she didn't need to be finished even though her time was up. She announced: "I'm running long and I don't care. F*** it - let's have some fun." I'm all for having fun, but when there are 15 groups after you, it's nice to be considerate.

When we finally got on stage, it was a mess. All kinds of sound equipment and pieces of hay were thrown around. We didn't have stairs so we heaved ourselves on and off the stage, landing in a muddy hay pile. The CD player didn't work so we were delayed 5 more minutes while someone found a boombox.

Put Down the Video Camera

After the show, I was trying to find my real shoes so I could take off ,ydancing slippers. On my way, I slid into in the mud and ended up with an inch of mud and grass glued to my slippers. They are now in the trash.

I was accosted by a mountain man with a full beard and glasses, wearing shorts and a tie-dyed shirt. He asked me what group I was with and if he could take a picture of me. My "creep alert" went off so I grabbed one of the girls to be in the picture with me. However, she was unaware of the 'be careful of perverts' rules. I covered my chest with a piece of cardboard and she pulled it down, saying, "He wants to see the goods." I'll admit to showing the goods on stage, but I'll be damned if I let some random dude take a photo of them for his private collection. I ended up covering the girls with my veil and tambourine.

The photo took a really long time and I noticed he was focusing on my bosom. Finally, he admits it was a movie camera. He was taking a video of us! Then he wanted me to talk on camera. I just walked away. If it were my friends, I'd be happy to be taped, but I don't want some stranger to have a video of me. Now I'm worried about what he's going to do with it.

After I got my shoes, I apologized to the girl who got in the picture (excuse me, the soft porn video) with me because she got stuck talking to him for a few minutes (She's a dancer, but was helping us with our equipment in the show.) She said, "He liked you a lot. He was watching you the whole show. You should have talked to him more. Sure, he looked like a Ben & Jerry's drop-out, but you never know."

Ick. The day I'm desperate enough to go out with a mountain man in his late 40s who was video taping my boobs is the day I'm entering a nunnery.

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