Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm Doing a Happy Dance!

Ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama has secured the Democratic Party nomination.

Finally, we'll have a president I can support wholeheartedly and I won't have to move to Canada.

Now that Obama's definitely the nominee, I feel I can be more zen-like in my day-to-day with the earth and that kind of thing. I believe so strongly that this man has the honesty, integrity and vision to bring this country together and rebuild our standing in the world. He won't drag us into a bunch of additional wars to make him feel like he has a big penis (unlike our current president.) He's a diplomat and community organizer, traits we could use in the White House. After the eight years of horrendous leadership we've endured, it's about time we finally can have a nice person in charge.

The only thing I'm stressed about is that Hillary won't concede. I swear this woman won't give up until Election Day. She's still going on and on about winning more votes than Obama and it's a big fat lie. (Big is apparently my adjective of the day. It's fitting - I'm seeing the Sex in the City movie tonight.) She's not counting caucuses and she's not counting Michigan. I call "Bullshit!" but uninformed people still believe her.

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