Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not to Be Vegan!

I've decided it'd be too hard to go gluten-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free, dairy-free AND meat-free all at once. Instead, I've decided to be vegetarian for the next 30 days. I've been eating like complete crap lately. This will force me to pay more attention to what I'm nibbling.

I'm also going to try to limit sugar and alcohol. (Although I have a lot of festivals and parties coming up ...and I'm pretty sure deep-fried Twinkies are vegetarian.)

Day 1: I just feel super hungry today, so I must not be eating enough protein. I ate lunch at The Noodle Company and have decided they're prejudiced against vegetarians. (In my 8 hours as a vegetarian, I recognize these things.)

I usually order the Trio - a smallish side salad and smallish order of pasta with some type of meat for $7.25. Obviously, I didn't want the meat and I don't like tofu, so I wanted extra vegetables or just no meat. The cashier informed me that I couldn't even order the Trio unless I ordered meat or tofu.

Instead, I had to order everything a la carte - the portions were too big and it was $7.50. I know it's only a quarter difference, but I hate being told I can't do something unless there's a valid reason why I can't. (It's truly my most terrible trait - gets me in a lot of trouble. Max, are you like that too? Maybe it's a Sept. 1 thing.)

If I don't want tofu or meat, I should still be able to order what I want. Just charge me the regular price and don't include the meat. What ever happened to customer service?

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shroud said...

Yes, I definitely have that - I'm always asking WHY. Things go over so much easier for me if people can just give me a good explanation of WHY something has to be done...