Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Need to Move

I've already written about how my neighbors stole the dirt out of the flowerpot I had sitting outside my door.

This morning, I opened my door to find my neighbor's ugly looking up at me. Yeppers, the oh-so-mature college students who live caddy corner to me decided to do the old switcheroo with everyone's doormats. I realize that pranks are part of being young and drunk, but I moved out of the dorm 10 years ago. If I wake up and find myself toilet-papered in, I'm moving into my car.


Day 2 of Being a Vegetarian: I've already cheated! I went out with some ladies for my friend's birthday (we had cocktails...which might be why I'm having trouble typing.) I was enraptured by one gal's story about how she Nairs her boyfriend's back twice a year. Before I knew it, I'd eaten 3 pieces of calamari. I forgot I wasn't supposed to eat meat! Although it was just the tentacles (or the testicles, as one of the girls called it.) Does that even count?

1 comment:

shroud said...

I'm going to go with... yes, it does count.

But it's not like you're the first vegetarian with exceptions/cheat-breaks out there ;)