Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spandex Burns My Eyes

Last night I registered voters at Festival Latino (for Barack Obama, of course.) It was a mess. I didn't know where I was going, so parked way far away. I didn't know I had to walk around, so I wore flip-flops. Plus, I had to pay $1 to get in. (Festivals should be free!)

All that aside, I had a good time. I have to say, the things people yell out the window at me when I'm wearing an 'Ohioans for Obama' T-shirt differ greatly from the things they yell at other times. Instead of "nice rack," people yelled "woo hoo! Obama." When I was registering voters, complete strangers came up to me and thanked me for volunteering. Everyone who passed by was pro-Obama. It gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

I wasn't as fond of the boobage. Festival Latino is Boob Central. I've never seen so many young girls dressed like hookers. No one wore a bra - and these girls were DD's. I saw lots of hot pants (which no one should ever wear) combined with skin-tight bright red leggings. (This picture is the closest thing I can find.) The girls wearing these had beefy thighs like mine not skinny Naomi Campbell legs (What can I say? I got my dad's short, squat legs.)

People also wore super short T-shirt dresses with gold chains. And the shoes - dear god, the shoes -- florescent day-glo stripper-ware with straps all the way up the ankle. I wanted to poke my eyes out with my voter registration pen. I think the fact that I wanted to cover all these girls up with a shawl is a sign I'm getting old. I'm inches away from being a "Get off my lawn" woman.

Day 3 - Vegetarian

I was perfect today! I had cereal for breakfast, vegetarian options from an Indian buffet at lunch and tacos with black beans and vegetables for dinner. Maybe the secret is avoiding Nair-related conversations while eating.

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